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1. Lice spread from head to head contact, sharing hats, brushes etc.

2. Lice die within 48 hours off the head.

3. Lice don't burrow, so there's no need to throw away pillows or vacuum mattresses.

4.Pets do not get lice nor do they live on pets.

5. Re-infestations usually occur because not all nits or lice where removed correctly.

6. Everyone in the family should be checked for lice.

To learn more- ask for a seminar at your school.

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Nitnix came out of a wish to guide families calmly through this distressing time by providing accurate information and providing a simple solution to lice control.

Through school seminars and in-home consultations, Logan @ Nitnix de-mystifies lice, myths, remedies that don't work and teaches parents techniques that prevent future outbreaks.

....she makes me feel like she is a little 'super-hero', rescuing us when we feel helpless! JM

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Call 310 916-6610 to order the NITNIX EMERGENCY LICE KIT

Nitnix volunteers in the community to help families that struggle with lice.

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In-home lice removal services and information (that will ease your mind and calm you) .
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Your Child has Lice, NOW WHAT???

Lice Outbreaks are happening more and more - anywhere kids come into contact with each other.

Where do you start?

Who do you call for advice?

Is there a non-toxic solution?

How do you clean your home?

What steps do you take to prevent this from happening again?

Welcome to your head lice help!